What Printer Is Right For You?

What Printer Is Right For You?

When a business first opens its doors there is generally a great deal of enthusiasm on the part of owners and employees, as this venture presents a chance for the success of everyone involved. Most owners take this passion and use it to ensure they have both the knowledge and resources necessary to serve customers, but there is often one vital resource that is overlooked, and that’s the type of printer the business uses. While most owners try to apply their knowledge of personal printers to the needs of their business, there are distinct differences that should be noted, and this purchase often yields the best results when done in conjunction with a retailer that can assess and recommend a printer based on the tasks it will frequently be used for.

Black and White Printers
Businesses that handle large volumes of documents on a regular basis are often interested in the printing speed of their device, and this is where black and white printers excel. Models such as the ECOSYS FS-9530DN and FS-4300DN can produce over 50 pages per-minute, making them ideal for businesses that need to generate large amounts of documentation quickly. These models, as well as many in the same series, are also known for their durability, and this is due to the fact that black and white printers have less components, thus reducing the amount of maintenance required.

Color Printers
Since many businesses now rely on comprehensive graphs, charts, and images to communicate information, color printers are almost a necessity when it comes to operating in the business world. While some basic models require users to locate documents on their computer and send them to the printer each time, more advanced models such as the ECOSYS FS-C8650DN have 1GB or printer memory, allowing print jobs to be submitted via the interface located on the printer. Although other models in the same series are more focused on reduced energy consumption and maintenance, all are designed to produce high quality images with stunning color reproduction.

Long-Term Reliability
A primary factor in selecting an appropriate printer is determining whether speed or image quality is the most important. A business that needs their device to produce a large number of text documents quickly often benefits from the speed and reliability of a black and white printer, while the need for superior image quality is generally best met by models that print in color. Regardless of the model that is chosen, businesses gain the long-term reliability of having a device that fulfills their needs and helps promotes communication with both internal and external groups.

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