ABE Provides Eco Friendly Toner Cartridge Solutions for Inundated Asian Communities

ABE Provides Eco Friendly Toner Cartridge Solutions for Inundated Asian Communities

Electronic devices have become standard in the business world. Computers, printers, copy and fax machines, et al are used on a daily basis and help make business much more efficient. Electronic waste, or e-waste, is an unavoidable result of electronic product usage. Most people don’t give much thought to such items as toner cartridges running empty, but nonchalantly chuck them in the recycling bin thinking their good deed has been done.

Asia Poisoned

However, a large majority of e-waste (upwards of 80 percent) ends up being shipped from the US to Asian countries such as China, India and Pakistan under the guise of recycling. Although some e-waste is recycled, the lion’s share goes to dump sites in those countries.

As toner cartridges and other electronic waste items are discarded, they cause a variety of environmental and health related problems. Toxic elements from massive amounts of such waste leach into water supplies, poisoning them. Many elements are released through breaking, melting, or burning to either extract recyclable elements or to eliminate unusable items. Much of the waste is simply discarded along side of or directly into waterways, irrigation canals and open fields.

Various pollutants released through the breaking, burning, or dumping of electronic waste are known to cause cancer and other health problems. One study specifically identifies respiratory ailments in workers who dismantle printer and toner cartridges. Due to the lack of proper breathing equipment and protective clothing, workers are exposed to a constant barrage of fine toner powder which creates respiratory and other illnesses. Since a majority of the workers are poor farmers consisting largely of women and children, the problem is quite significant.

The ABE Alternative

Fortunately, there is an eco-friendly solution to the toxic electronic waste problem. Companies that require printer and toner cartridges and that want to be a part of cleaning up the world’s environment can purchase such supplies from Arizona Business Equipment.

ABE offers state-of-the-art office equipment that provides the latest technological solutions and which is backed by the industry’s strongest warranty. The company specializes in eco-friendly equipment like desk and full-sized copiers, black and white and color printers, scanners and faxes, most of which provide ECOSY® technology.

Furthermore, the equipment supplied by ABE uses eco-friendly supplies such as printer and toner cartridges, rollers and drums. You can still be proud of doing your part in helping the environment by discarding your toner cartridges in the recyclable bins. However, should the make it to Asian landfills or waste heaps, you can still rest assured that they will do little to no harm to the surrounding people and their environment.

When you want to get the most reliable and cutting-edge office equipment that is both environmentally friendly and a great value, turn to Arizona Business Equipment.