Advantages of Leasing Office Equipment for Your Business

Advantages of Leasing Office Equipment for Your Business

When you run a business, it is up to you to make smart decisions that will benefit your company and your employees. Instead of spending a significant portion of your budget buying office equipment, you should consider leasing printers and copiers to enjoy the following benefits.

A Better Way to Finance

It is much easier to gather the finances to lease your equipment than to buy it. Banks will not give companies loans unless they can provide years of financial records. If you are just starting out, there is no way to provide these documents to get a loan that could pay for your office equipment. If you just lease your printers and copiers, though, you usually only need to provide six months of credit history to get approval for your lease. You will most likely not have to put any money down to lease the equipment, which helps you get the printers and copiers you need without depleting your budget.

Instant Upgrades

When you lease equipment, it is much easier to upgrade to newer machines when you need them. If you own the equipment, you have to first sell your older pieces in order to make money and to clear room for the newer ones. If you are just leasing, though, you can choose a short-term lease that gives you the option of upgrading.

Access to Repair and Maintenance Services

The company that leases you the equipment will probably have repair and maintenance services that you can use to keep your machines functioning well. The company that provides you with copier service maintenance contracts that can cover you for any repairs or maintenance you will need while you lease the equipment. If you buy the equipment, you will be completely responsible for covering these costs.

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