Advantages of Leasing Your Office Copier

Advantages of Leasing Your Office Copier

Copying equipment is often vital to everyday business functions. However, purchasing and maintaining a copier on your own can be prohibitive in terms of cost. Leasing an office copier provides you with access to the latest copying and scanning equipment in Tucson, with greater convenience and at much lower cost than buying a copier on your own.

Financial Savings

Leasing a copier offers great financial savings that can benefit your business. If you don’t have the capital available to purchase a copier upfront, leasing provides the equipment you need at a lower monthly cost, offering greater flexibility in terms of payment. Furthermore, purchasing a copier only offers you tax benefits during the year you make your purchase; leasing a copier is an ongoing expense that can be deducted from your taxes for many years.

Included Maintenance

Maintenance is an important consideration when you use office equipment daily. If you purchase a copier, you are also responsible for maintaining it at extra cost to keep it running. However, when you choose to lease an office copier, you can choose to include a maintenance contract at an agreed-upon rate. This means there are no hidden costs associated with maintaining your copier and you’ll enjoy problem-free performance because your office equipment service will keep the unit well-maintained.

Access to Updated Equipment

7550CI_Cover_3QR_600Advancements in copier technology mean that better copier equipment is constantly in development. However, purchasing a copier is a significant investment that you cannot make year after year, leaving you with an outdated copier after several years have passed. Leasing an office copier, however, allows you to upgrade your equipment whenever you want, letting you take advantage of the latest copier technology without an associated monetary investment.

Arizona Business Equipment offers a wide variety of office equipment for rent in Tucson, including copiers, fax machines, scanners, and printers. All of our leasing agreements are flexible; we also offer maintenance agreements and upgrade options. You can find out more about leasing office equipment on our website, or by calling (520) 355-4801.