How Not to Annoy Your Co-Workers

How Not to Annoy Your Co-Workers

Going to work day in and day out can be quite stressful. The burden of business responsibilities that pile up and have to be constantly addressed just to make enough money to survive in a seemingly endless struggling economy is enough to put anyone on edge.

Next time you’re at work, take a quick look around. Notice the girl nervously biting her lip? The guy darting his eyes about psychotically? The one with their eyes closed, tugging on their earlobe and chanting “woosah”? Yep, all those folks are hanging onto sanity by a fragile thread, frantically trying to keep from tumbling over the edge.

The thing is, what usually sends such folks screaming down the hallway, pulling out handfuls of hair and cussing like a sailor are little annoying things that you or other co-workers do. Surely you have a list of annoying habits that test your nerves. Maybe you’ve just never stopped to notice if you are guilty of some of the same despised actions. With the goal of saving sanity and sparing office sparring, here are some tips for how not to annoy your co-workers.

The Noisy Nerve-Rattler

In order to meet the demands of belligerent bosses, a certain amount of deep concentration must be applied to the task at hand. Such focus is fractured when you insist on shouting to others across the room, raising your voice while talking on the phone, allowing incessant rings, bells and whistles to emanate from your cell phone, or blasting your favorite groove tune. Have some respect and tone it down or turn it off.

The Smelly Nelly

Odors are powerful attention grabbers that break the bounds of concentration. It is extremely annoying, therefore, to sit by someone who has bad hygiene practices, works with their sweaty shoes off, or prepares and chows down on stinky foods whose odors waft far and wide. To avoid annoying nostrils, keep it clean, contained, or cosmetically covered.

The Snooping Schnoz

Another highly annoying trait that conjures up visions of witch slaps is being nosy. If you spread rumors about things you overhear, hover around eavesdropping while co-workers are chatting or on the phone, or make uninvited comments about inappropriate observations then you may be the object of such devilish desires. To avoid being the subject of violent visions, stay out of people’s sacred space.

The Self-Chosen Chief

Putting up with a bona fide boss is bad enough, but dealing with a delirious dictating co-worker is enough to mandate mutiny. Therefore, if you want to avoid walking the proverbial plank, don’t order people around, call continuous time-wasting meetings, frequently forward emails, or report every tiny transgression to the man in charge.

The Wrong Time Attender

Another common complaint at the after business bar has to do with those who are either present or absent at the wrong time. You may be determined to keep your nose to the grindstone, but if you are deathly ill and spewing germs through spit and snot then you should take advantage of one of those strenuously saved sick days. On the other hand, when you are required to rectify a wrong but are off on an extended break or lunch hour and nowhere to be found, you just may make the manic mental master list. It’s best to attend to your tasks and save the bountiful breaks for those after-hours barroom bashes.

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