Best Cybersecurity Practices for Businesses Who Have Switched to Permanent Work from Home Operations

Best Cybersecurity Practices for Businesses Who Have Switched to Permanent Work from Home Operations

With the shift to remote operations, the way your company handles IT security will change. This includes not only the different ways employees access your company network, but how they complete their jobs, including printing company documents.

Understand the Basics of Traditional vs. Remote Access Security

In brick-and-mortar operations, your employees are typically hardwired into a central network with tough firewalls, restricted web access, and secure printing practices. However, remote access security has more obstacles than traditional security. Employees may access your network via smartphones, tablets, or a computer—and firewalls outside the office are more vulnerable. The end-goal with remote access security is to protect employees from attacks. Protecting them protects your company. 

Update Your Company Security Policy

An up-to-date security policy reassures your stakeholders that IT security is a priority for your company. It outlines the dos and don’ts for employees, and lists repercussions for policy violations. A security policy will also identify how data is classified and how industry standard regulations will be maintained with remote operations. 

Brush Up on Remote Company Security Best Practices

It’s a good idea to include specific guidelines for employees that reduce your security vulnerability. A strong password policy that requires regular password changes is a must. Two-factor authentication can add a level of security that will decrease the risk of stolen credentials. Another best practice is to enable device or terminal timeout locks during periods of inactivity. This reduces opportunities for someone to access confidential information while devices are unattended. In addition, you should encourage employees to go paperless, lock-up company documents, and/or shred papers that contain confidential or proprietary information and dispose of those papers in a secure location. If your employees need printing capabilities, the KYOCERA ECOSYS branded printer is an ideal solution, as it offers reliable, cost-efficient printing. 

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