Mail Promotions to Boost Summer Sales

Summer is a slow season for many types of businesses. Families are going out of town on vacation. When they’re in town, the summer heat encourages them to stay at home in the air conditioning. Beat the summer slump by mailing out eye-catching sales promotions. Before you get started, make sure you’ve got a copier […]

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Choosing the Right Fax Machine for Your Office

Despite the increasing reliance on digital technology, offices still do need access to a fax machine. Fax machines fulfill certain functions that cloud platforms and email simply can’t, like creating a paper trail for legal discovery and virtually eliminating the risk of hacking, malware, and ransomware. Security in communications is particularly important for offices that […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Fuss with Stamps for Your Business Mail

If direct mailing is part of your business strategy, stamps may seem like a necessary expense, but are they really? For businesses with bulk mailing needs, stamps could be the most inefficient and least cost-effective solution for sending your item in the post. Postage meters, including meters that use Intelligent Mail Indicia or IMI, could […]

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What Kind of Scanner Does Your Office Need?

Scanners are required pieces of office equipment, but not every kind of scanner is right for every office place. Choosing the right scanner is the key to getting the functionality your workplace needs and avoiding the difficulty of trying to get work done with an inefficient piece of equipment. Which scanner is best suited to […]

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How Long Should a Copier Last?

Nothing is as frustrating around the office as a copier that doesn’t work. Whether the copier in question has completely given up or only works sporadically, you’re never as aware of how many copies you really need to do your job than when you can’t make them quickly. Many businesses hang on to outdated copiers […]

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Does Your Office Need a Postage Meter?

Your office is probably already equipped with essentials like a copier, scanner, and fax machine, but could you benefit from a more specialized office appliance like a postage meter? Postage meters are machines that stamp letters and packages with pre-paid postage that’s withdrawn from a dedicated account. If any of the following situations sound familiar […]

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How Modern Offices Are Designed to Keep Employees Happy

The modern office environment may not even be recognizable as a place of business to office workers of the past, who were accustomed to stuffy environments with bare walls and utilitarian designs. Today, however, it has become known that people tend to be more productive in environments that promote a good mood. For modern offices […]

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What to Do When Your Copier Breaks

Your copier may be an integral component of your office, so days when the copier is not working properly may be particularly stressful. However, there are a couple tips for troubleshooting a malfunctioning copier that can help, and having the reliable maintenance plan that comes with a copier lease can allow you to quickly schedule […]

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Ways for Startups to Reduce Spending

Starting a business is no easy feat, and finding the capital you need to get your startup business off the ground can be a challenge. Once you’ve secured enough funding to get projects up and running, you aren’t necessarily in the clear, however. In the first few years of business, you’ll need to be cautious […]

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How Sending Mail Reminders Can Boost Your Client Retention

When it comes to marketing, only part of your attention should be dedicated to attracting new customers to your business. You should also be thinking about how to bring customers back to continue shopping with you or using your services. Returning clients are much more valuable to businesses, but they do require some nurturing to […]

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