Does Your Business Logo Need a Redesign?

Factors to Consider When Choosing Between Leasing or Buying a Printer

Even if you have great products and impeccable service, so much of your business’ success is tied to impressions. Putting the right foot forward with your customers matters, and it can make or break a deal or sale, before a customer even gets the chance to experience what you have to offer. Having professional materials, like crisply printed marketing documents or printed envelopes with metered postage can make a difference, as can your logo. Your business logo is often the first thing that your customers interact with, and if it doesn’t give the right impression of your professionalism and your brand, it will invariably let you down. Is it time to redesign your business logo? Here are some signs that you should consider rebranding.

Your logo doesn’t speak to your target audience.

When you designed your logo, were you sure exactly who would become your audience? In some cases, businesses launch expecting to go in one direction, and then they find that their brand or service resonates with a different group than anticipated. Likewise, over time, your services and products may experience a shift that changes the demographics of your market. Redesigning your logo to reach the appropriate group will make it easier to leverage your brand to reach new customers.

You are changing the way you serve customers.

If you are making a drastic change to the way you do business, then you need to convince your customers to embrace your new approach. Redesigning your logo is a good way to reset your entire business. When customers see a new logo, they will be ready for other changes in your business and more open to embracing them.

You need to refresh your brand.

Even if you aren’t changing anything drastic about your business, sometimes, a new logo will breed new excitement about your brand. Seeing a rebranding effort can remind old customers to visit you again and convince new customers to give your business a try.

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