Can Your Office Benefit from a Wide Format Printer?

Can Your Office Benefit from a Wide Format Printer?

A wide format printer is a versatile piece of office equipment that prints on large paper, typically at least 18 inches in width. Some wide format printers are capable of printing up to 100 inches in width. Wide format printers have long been considered essential pieces of equipment in the offices of architects and home builders. However, they also have applications for a variety of other businesses. 

Wide format printers offer versatility for a number of industries.

Beyond architects’ offices, wide format printers play an important role in a range of industries. In the travel, leisure, and entertainment industry, hotels, casinos, and sports arenas can use wide format printers to create displays and materials for special promotions. Retail stores can use them to generate window signage and point-of-sale graphics. These printers are also essential for the education sector, as they can be used to generate materials for classrooms, fundraisers, presentations, and alumni events.

Wide format printers can save you time and money.

Placing a wide format printer in your office does require an upfront investment. You should also budget for a maintenance plan to keep your printer in good condition. However, in the long run, having your own wide format printer is an excellent investment that will reduce expenditures. It’s more economical to print materials in-house as opposed to outsourcing. In addition, having your own in-house printer is a major time saver. You won’t need to wait for a print shop to produce your materials for you. Instead, you can print them directly within a matter of minutes.

In-house printing helps preserve client confidentiality.

For some businesses, client confidentiality is crucial. It can be a major selling point among your clients to know that you print all of your materials in-house. Even if you choose a reputable printing service, it can’t compare to in-house printing in terms of maintaining strict confidentiality.

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