FAQs About Postage Meters for Small Business Owners

Are you tired of licking stamps? Is your valuable time being wasted on post office runs, instead of helping your customers and promoting your business? If so, then a postage meter could be the answer. There are several advantages for business owners to using postage meters instead of using stamps or online postage. If you’re […]

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How Your Business Can Save Money on Postage

Benjamin Franklin may have been right when he said that death and taxes were two of the only certain things in this world. But if he was alive today, he’d also include increases in postage. If your business sends out a great deal of mail, then an increase of even just a couple of cents […]

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Mail Promotions to Boost Summer Sales

Summer is a slow season for many types of businesses. Families are going out of town on vacation. When they’re in town, the summer heat encourages them to stay at home in the air conditioning. Beat the summer slump by mailing out eye-catching sales promotions. Before you get started, make sure you’ve got a copier […]

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Does Your Office Need a Postage Meter?

Your office is probably already equipped with essentials like a copier, scanner, and fax machine, but could you benefit from a more specialized office appliance like a postage meter? Postage meters are machines that stamp letters and packages with pre-paid postage that’s withdrawn from a dedicated account. If any of the following situations sound familiar […]

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When Is Snail Mail Preferable to Email?

Though digital communication now dominates in virtually every industry, there is still room for more conventional mail marketing for businesses. In fact, there are some situations where snail mail can have a much stronger impact on your customers, so it may be worth investing in a postage meter for your business if you often face […]

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Spotlight on the PostBase Postage Meters

There’s a lot to take care of when you run a small to medium size business, so you’ll want to make sure you have the right printers, scanners, and postage meters. PostBase has an extensive line of postage meters that works great for businesses that are still on their way up. Feel free to read […]

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Spotlight on the CentorMail MAX

If shipping and mailing are important procedures for your business operations, you may want to invest in a postage meter. With an efficient postage meter, you will be able to quickly print out postage rates for all your packages, envelopes, and more. The CentorMail MAX is a state of the art postage meter that will […]

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Improving the Success of Your Direct Mail Marketing

You can have the most innovative, game-changing business, but it will only matter if you are able to reach your target customers. Without a strategic marketing plan, your business could flounder before it’s even had a chance to succeed. There are many marketing tactics you can employ, including creating an online presence and offering discounts […]

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Could Your Office Benefit from a Postage Meter?

Purchasing a postage meter—which will stamp your letters and packages according to the United States Post Office regulations—will be a great boon to your office, especially if you send out letters on a daily basis. Postage meters can help you focus on work and not waste your time at the post office. You do not […]

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