Choosing the Right Scanner for Your Business

Choosing the Right Scanner for Your Business

Choosing the right scanner for your business largely depends on what you plan to scan. Whether you will primarily be scanning photos, books, or business cards will directly influence the type and size of scanner you need to rent. Even though most scanners can scan just about any document, different sizes and types are designed for different scanning purposes.

Assess your scanning needs.

The first question you should ask when choosing a scanner is what you plan to scan. Once you answer this question, you will have the information needed to determine what scanner features you need. Most businesses use scanners for photos and documents, but your business may also require scanning books, film slides, or magazine excerpts. Some of these documents are more easily damaged, so they will require a different scanner design.

Determine whether you need a flatbed.

A scanner flatbed is necessary if you have easily damaged photo originals, bound material, or 3D objects to scan. Even though photo originals and stamps can go through a sheet feeder, they are at risk for suffering damage through the scanning process. If your business only scans these types of documents on occasion, then you can likely use a sheet-fed scanner and a plastic carrier to protect the originals. However, if you will be constantly scanning these types of materials, you should likely invest in a scanner with a flatbed.

Consider a scanner duplex.

A duplex allows you to scan both sides of a page at once. If your business requires a sheet feeder and automatic document feeder, and you plan to scan documents that are printed on both sides regularly, you should consider a duplex. Duplex scanners contain two elements for scanning, so they allow you to scan both sides of a document simultaneously.