Choosing the Right Copier for Your Law Office

Choosing the Right Copier for Your Law Office

Even in the digital age, law offices produce, copy, and process a high volume of paperwork each day. From case files to client contracts to evidentiary documents, you need to be able to effectively reproduce and manage these documents to sustain daily operations. Therefore, when it’s time to choose a new copier for your practice, you shouldn’t make the decision in a rush. Think about the following tips to make sure that your new office equipment lease is set up to fulfill your needs and add convenience to your workflow.

Consider Software Compatibility

Modern copiers can integrate seamlessly with other pieces of office equipment, such as your scanner or remote devices. So, check that your new copier is compatible with software you already use, so you can launch a workflow directly from your copier or put scanned documents right into your document repository.

Opt for Higher Output Speed

On the surface, a page output of 40 pages per minute may sound functional. And this is true for offices where large printing jobs are not the norm. In a law office, however, it’s not uncommon to need copies of documents that are well over 100 pages long. That means you’ll have members of your team spending more time standing at the copy machine and less time completing other essential tasks. Choosing a higher output speed can save your staff from headaches and save you money in the process.  

Look for Security and Compliance Features

Many law offices need to adhere to different accountability procedures such as CFPB and HIPAA. That means remote printing can be an issue, since anyone can see the printed or copied documents sitting in the tray. To resolve this privacy concern, look for a copier capable of releasing a print job at the printer, so that documents do not go unaccounted for.

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