Choosing the Right Scanner for Your Law Office

Choosing the Right Scanner for Your Law Office

Constant handling of paper documents increases the likelihood that these documents will be damaged or lost. Scanning equipment allows you to easily convert the valuable legal documents you rely on daily into digital files for backup and organizational purposes. Choosing the right scanner for your Tucson law office will ensure that everyday scanning is easy and effective to improve productivity and security.

Scanner Resolution

Scanners are available with a variety of resolution options. The higher the resolution your scanner is capable of using, the greater the detail with which you can scan documents and images. However, it’s important to recognize that higher-quality scans take longer to complete and will also create larger digital files. If you primarily scan text, a lower resolution may be all that’s needed for fast, effective digital copy creation.

Scanner Size

The size of the documents you need to scan can also play a role in your ultimate choice of scanning equipment. While all flatbed scanners can handle standard-sized sheets of paper, legal documents are often larger in size. If you need to scan large documents regularly, you’ll want to choose a flatbed scanner that is big enough to accommodate the dimensions of such items.

Flatbed and Feeder Options

Flatbed scanners work like a traditional photocopier, scanning documents that are placed on the glass flatbed. Alternatively, document feeders can read in multiple sheets of paper at a time. If you plan to scan primarily one-page documents or many pagers that are smaller than standard size, a flatbed scanner should be sufficient for your needs. However, a manual or automated feeder can make scanning multi-page or large documents faster and easier, reducing the amount of physical labor required each time you scan numerous pages.

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