Could Your Business Benefit from a Wide-Format Printer?

Could Your Business Benefit from a Wide-Format Printer?

Although there are many tools available to go paperless in business, printing still matters. Many companies are finding that specialized printing is becoming even more important than standard-sized paper printing. It may be easy to email a document as an attachment, but creating promotional materials for a marketing campaign, for instance, often requires detailed color printing and large paper sizes. For these reasons, wide-format printers are growing in popularity. Wide-format printers, as the name suggests, allow you to print large documents—poster-size and beyond, depending on the printer. Could your business benefit from having a wide-format printer in the office? Here are some things to consider. 

Wide-format printers can save your business money.

Without a wide-format printer, companies typically outsource printing anything that isn’t a standard paper size. These printing orders can be expensive and add an extra layer of difficulty managing projects, since you have to rely on an outside group to provide quality service and work on your timeline. Having a wide-format printer in-house means that you can do the printing yourself, saving that money and the hassle that comes from outsourcing. The more large-scale printing you do, the more money you will save in the long run by doing your printing jobs in-house. 

You can get better image results from a wide-format printer. 

Wide-format printers deliver crisp images and rich detail that is not possible with standard printers. You will also be able to test your design easily and conveniently when you have a wide-format printer in your office, so you can make any tweaks you deem necessary, instead of ending up with a stack of prints from a print shop that you’re unhappy with. 

Wide-format printing gives you marketing agility.

With a wide-format printer, it is easy to switch up your marketing efforts and launch new campaigns. As soon as you can conceive of your idea, you can get it into print and out in front of your customers much faster than if you had to outsource work. The agility a wide-format printer gives your marketing department can pay dividends for your bottom line. 

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