De-Cluttering Your Desktop

De-Cluttering Your Desktop

A cluttered desk can make it difficult to get to your work. If you can no longer see your desk, it might be time to start to find a new way to handle your clutter. Use the following tips to create some order on your desk.

Create a File System

Holding onto paperwork does not help you much if you cannot find it when you need it. You should work on creating a simple filing system that helps you keep all of your paperwork organized. Not only does this get the papers off of your desk, but it also makes it much easier for you to find certain documents when you need them.

Find Organizers for Your Supplies and Materials

A lot of pens, staples, and other supplies lying across your desk can make a big mess. If you get some special organizers for your office supplies, it helps you keep them off your desk and frees up some space for you to actually work. This also helps you find the supplies that you need when you need them so you do not waste time looking for a paperclip when you can be focusing on your work.

Do Some Purging

You probably have some papers and equipment on your desk that you do not need. You should spend some time going through everything on your desk and throwing away the items that you no longer need. Purging is a great way to get rid of clutter and make space on your desk for the documents and materials that you actually need.

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