Essential Tips for Protecting Client Information in a CPA Office

Essential Tips for Protecting Client Information in a CPA Office

Although state and federal laws differ when it comes to the legal responsibility that CPAs have to protect client information, most CPAs operate under an accountant-client privilege agreement and take protecting client information very seriously. Clients who come to your CPA office share highly sensitive information with you and violating your commitment to keep that information secure could put your career on the line. Choosing the right business equipment is one of the first steps in ensuring your clients’ private information is protected. These tips will help you. 

Focus on Cybersecurity

Data theft is an enormous concern for CPA offices, so cybersecurity should be an ongoing focus. You should have strong firewall protection and anti-virus and anti-malware programs that will scan your system automatically for threats of intrusion and vulnerabilities. Ideally, your software protection programs should update automatically as new types of threats emerge. Your wireless network should be password protected, and all of your email communication should be encrypted. 

Keep in mind that your clients will also need to be able to communicate with you securely, so choose a secure portal for information exchange. A data loss prevention software system will reduce the risk of unauthorized copying of your sensitive information. 

Pick Protective Office Equipment

Although many CPAs keep the bulk of their data digitally now, it’s inevitable that paper with private information will also be kept in the office. To keep this information safe, think about preventing access. Ensure your file cabinets are locked and kept in a locked room with strictly controlled keys. Choose printers that require security codes to access and make sure your office has an ample supply of paper shredders. Dispose of shredded paper in a secure location. 

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