Establishing Paperless Protocols for Your Law Office

Establishing Paperless Protocols for Your Law Office

confroomWhen it comes to conserving paper, a little effort goes a long way. Reducing your dependence on paper helps you create a greener office environment. Use this guide for tips on establishing a paperless protocol in your law office.

Start Scanning

Before you can go completely paperless in your office, you must scan all of your paperwork so you have electronic copies of the documents that you need. You should either buy or lease an office scanner that makes it easy to start storing all of your important information on computers. You should invest in a high-quality scanner that will not break down with a little wear and tear.

Store Your Documents

As you first make the transition to paperless protocols, you should hold onto paper copies for a certain amount of time until you can be sure that your scanning efforts are effective. You should save paperwork for at least six months to ensure that you have any relevant information when you need it.

Use a Uniform File-Naming System

Before you move to a completely paperless office, it is very important to come up with a uniform file-naming system that makes it easy for anyone in your office to find the files they need. You should use file names that provide enough information to easily find information about any case file to keep your office running efficiently. Once you figure out how you want to name your electronic files, you should have an office-wide meeting in which you show the entire staff the new way to save files.

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