Why Every Equipment Lease Should Include a Maintenance Package

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Why Every Equipment Lease Should Include a Maintenance Package

If you are seeking an effective way to cut down on your business’ overhead costs, consider leasing, rather than buying, some or all of your equipment. With copier leasing services, you can receive a top quality unit, at a fraction of the cost that you would pay to purchase it brand new. When you agree to an equipment lease, make sure that your provider offers a maintenance package in the contract. Let’s review three reasons why equipment lease should include a maintenance package.

Ensure Routine Repairs

Even brand new leased equipment requires preventative maintenance at regular intervals. Rather than expecting you to schedule and pay for all of your equipment repairs, your leasing company can include these services in your maintenance package. With a written maintenance package, you will be able to plan ahead for any regularly scheduled maintenance that is required by your system.

Receive Prompt Emergency Services

In the event of a maintenance emergency on your printer, copier, or scanner, a maintenance package will help to ensure that a technician arrives on the scene as quickly as possible. Your equipment leasing company will take every step that is necessary to get your leased equipment up and running in no time.

Work With Experienced Technicians

Your maintenance package may contain a clause that requires all of your services to be performed by experienced technicians. By providing you with certified repairs, your equipment lease company will be making sure that their equipment is being maintained correctly and repaired with certified parts. An experienced technician will know how to diagnose the most common repair issues that may affect your system.


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