Exploring Our Copier Lease Program

Exploring Our Copier Lease Program

For businesses with a bottom line to consider, purchasing a copier up front can be a huge dent in your budget. While the investment may be worth it for some companies, it often invites a whole host of additional costs, like repair and service fees. With our copier leasing services at Arizona Business Equipment in Tucson, your business can reap the benefits of an in-house copier without the disadvantages of an upfront investment. 

Leasing is Cost-Effective

There are several benefits to leasing a copier for your business. One of the most significant is, of course, the cost. It is far less expensive to lease a copier than it is to purchase one up front. With the convenient monthly payments, your business is free to spend its hard-earned capital on more important things, like advertising and product innovation. And with our affordable financing options, leasing a copier is sure to keep your business in the black. 

Enjoy the Latest Technology

Nowadays, technology advances quite rapidly. The newest iPhone renders its predecessor near-obsolete. In the same way, what may have been a cutting-edge copier last year is now considered a clunky relic. When you purchase a copier upfront, you need to keep the device for several years in order for your investment to pay off. By leasing a copier, you constantly have access to the latest technology without having to keep purchasing new devices. 

Low Maintenance

While we offer the option to include copier maintenance services in your leasing contract, we typically recommend purchasing a separate maintenance contract. This way, your business only pays for the maintenance that is required, as opposed to a flat fee that could cost more than the actual services were worth. 

With our copier leasing program at Arizona Business Equipment, your funding can go right back into your business. For more information on our copier leasing services or to request an estimate, call (520) 888-2679 or send us a message here.