FAQs About HIPAA-Compliant Printing

FAQs About HIPAA-Compliant Printing

For companies dealing with confidential health information, adhering to HIPAA guidelines is essential. Most businesses do a fine job managing their communications and patient records within these guidelines, but a huge blind spot is often the printer. HIPAA rules also apply to your printing system, and if not carefully managed, your printer could put you at the center of a security breach. If you have questions about HIPAA-compliant printing, you’re not alone. Here are the answers to some of the queries we hear most often about maintaining HIPAA compliance with your printer. 

How can a printer be used to access sensitive data?

Today’s printers are nothing like the old plug-and-print models. Modern printers have hard drives and operating systems. They are connected to your network, and people send sensitive information to them. For this reason, they need to be treated and protected like all any other digital devices. Printers also have an additional risk: they print sensitive information. HIPAA violations can start in your printer output tray, if unauthorized people have access to it. 

Do printers have built-in security?

There are printers available that have built-in safety features that can help you comply with HIPAA guidelines. Usually, these printers have regular firmware updates to patch new security loopholes, data encryption, and a built-in firewall. Secure printers may also have software that detects intrusions and stops them. These features can go a long way in ensuring you are HIPAA compliant, so consider looking for these options as you select your printer.

What other measures can make printers more secure?

Assign each staff member a printer password, so that unauthorized users can’t access it and you have a record of who is accessing the printer when. Have a HIPAA-compliant system in place for how printed papers can be stored and discarded, so sensitive information is not inadvertently exposed. 

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