FAQs About Postage Meters for Small Business Owners

FAQs About Postage Meters for Small Business Owners

Are you tired of licking stamps? Is your valuable time being wasted on post office runs, instead of helping your customers and promoting your business? If so, then a postage meter could be the answer. There are several advantages for business owners to using postage meters instead of using stamps or online postage. If you’re thinking of switching to a postage meter for your small business, you probably have some questions before you make the final decision. Here is what you need to know.

Can a postage meter save my business money?

One of the top reasons that many businesses switch to a postage meter is the cost-saving benefits. When you use a postage meter, you can get a discount from USPS on every piece of mail you send. The savings apply to all levels of postage, from first class to priority and express mail. This means you can send items exactly how you need to and save money in the process. If you pick a postage meter that has a financial reporting, you can also easily track your postage costs, so you can evaluate your processes and determine if there are any ways in which you could save even more money on expenses.

Do I need a postage meter if I don’t do mass mailings?

Most people envision mass mailings when they picture using a postage meter. Although meters certainly make mass mailings more affordable and efficient, you don’t have to use mass mailings in your business to benefit from having a postage meter. Meters make it faster and more affordable to send every piece of mail. Further, if you do need to do any mass marketing mail outs in the future, you will be ready to get the job done efficiently and on-budget.

What are the other benefits of a postage meter?

Postage meters make your business look more professional, since you can use typed addresses and customized stamps. They also reduce the chances of missed deliveries and incorrect postage, since the process is automated.

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