FAQs About Printer Leasing

FAQs About Printer Leasing

Printers play a large role in the way most companies do business, but they can also take a large chunk out of your budget. For this reason, more and more companies are turning to printer leasing. Leasing a printer has several advantages over buying one, and many businesses have found that leasing fits their needs better than full ownership of office equipment. Of course, before making the transition to leasing, it’s common to have some questions about the process. Here are the answers to questions that customers have most often about printer leasing. 

How is leasing a printer better for my budget than buying one?

Leasing a printer has several financial advantages over purchasing one. The first advantage is the upfront cost of purchasing a printer. If you opt for a multi-function model—and most businesses need this kind of model to meet all of their printing needs—then the upfront cost can represent a significant chunk of your capital reserves. Leasing a printer allows you to avoid the upfront investment. Leasing a printer also saves you money on technical support and upgrades. Most leasing companies offer fast and affordable repair services for their customers, and when it’s time to upgrade to a new printer, you can simply swap out your old one for a newer model. 

Shouldn’t my business be printing less?

Everyone has heard about offices going paperless, and there are many ways in which businesses can reduce their reliance on printing. However, businesses invariably still need to print some things, whether they are important contracts or marketing materials. Outsourcing printing is expensive. By leasing a printer, you ensure that you have the tools you need in your office, without investing a large amount in a piece of equipment you’re trying to use less. 

Are there other advantages to leasing a printer?

Leasing a printer takes the hassle of managing your printing system. You can set up regular deliveries of printer supplies, like paper and toner, so you can save the time spent on those orders. You can also count on support services being available to you when you need them, without paying additional fees. 

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