Greening Your Business by Leasing a Copier

Greening Your Business by Leasing a Copier

Going green means reducing the environmental impact of your business’ day-to-day activities. Greening your business isn’t just good for the environment, either—it can be good for your finances as well by saving you money on the cost of paper and energy. Take a look below to learn how leasing the right copier can help you green your Tucson business operations.

Low Energy Consumption

Choosing a copier that offers low energy consumption will reduce the carbon emissions associated with your business’ everyday functions. This will in turn reduce the impact of your business on global climate changes caused by increasing amounts of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. If you want to make sure your leased copier will operate efficiently, choose a model that features the ENERGY STAR label.

Low Paper Consumption

In addition to reducing power consumption, the right copier can also reduce paper consumption to conserve this valuable natural resource. Leasing a copier with duplex capabilities allows you to print on both sides of each sheet of paper, thus reducing the overall number of sheets your company uses. Additionally, choosing a copier that is durable and less likely to jam can reduce wasted paper that results from paper jams and other problems that may render copies made unusable.

Low Waste Generation

Leasing a copier also reduces the amount of waste generated by your business. If you purchase a copier, that unit may go into a landfill or dump when it can no longer be used. Leasing a copier, however, means that your copier will return to your leasing company when you no longer need it. Office equipment leasing companies can often repair, reuse, or recycle older units to reduce the amount of overall waste generated.

If you’re ready to commit to a greener environment in Tucson and around the world, call Arizona Business Equipment today at (520) 355-4801 to discuss leasing a scanner, copier, or printer. We offer a wide variety of products that feature durability and energy efficiency. Check out our website to learn more!