How a Laser Printer Can Help Your Business

How a Laser Printer Can Help Your Business

Laser printing equipment offers high-quality printed material by using a laser to imprint the desired pattern onto a drum before applying a heat-sensitive toner. This type of printer offers many benefits, particularly over inkjet-type printers, when you require speed, precision, and longevity from your office equipment. If you are considering a laser printer for your business, leasing your printer offers an excellent balance between performance and cost to ensure you reap the greatest rewards in terms of improved output.


For simple black-and-white printing, laser printers are far superior to inkjet models. If you require a high volume of printing performed quickly, even the most basic laser printer can produce 20 pages per minute or more, when compared with six pages per minute from an inkjet printer. Thus, your business may be able to cut back significantly on the time it takes to produce large volumes of printed material by leasing a laser printer.

Text Quality

Although inkjet printers offer higher-quality image printing, most businesses require a printer only for text-based printing, such as business documents, contracts, and communications. Laser printers offer superior printing quality when producing pages with small or detailed fonts. Thus, your laser printer will not only produce documents with better quality, it will do so faster than an inkjet printer for added benefits.

Less Upkeep

Laser printers can hold more toner in a single cartridge and use less toner per document than inkjet printer models. These two benefits combine to allow your laser printer to go farther on less toner, reducing the number of times toner cartridges must be changed. This will save you both time and money when printing a high volume of documents to further improve your business’ productivity.

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