How to Enforce Office Etiquette in a Co-Working Space

How to Enforce Office Etiquette in a Co-Working Space

As the freelance economy expands, the non-traditional workforce needs a place to work outside of the typical office setting. Co-working spaces are dynamic workplaces for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and sole proprietors. For a membership fee, freelancers can enjoy a quiet place to work and opportunities to network. Unfortunately, co-working spaces also have their downsides, like the increased potential for distractions. If you’re planning to launch and manage a co-working space, here’s what you need to know about enforcing office etiquette.

Require members to sign a contract. 

You’ll likely need your members to sign a contract when they pay the membership fee. Be sure that contract also includes clauses regarding office etiquette. For example, you may require that members speak in a low volume when in the general work area. It’s also a good idea to include clauses aimed at preventing sexual harassment and discrimination.

Provide a designated space for verbal communication. 

Your co-working space should ideally have separate areas for quiet work and noisier tasks. Many co-working spaces have “phone booths,” which are enclosed, soundproofed cubicles intended for phone conversations and teleconferences. You may also wish to set up enclosed meeting spaces and allow members to book them in advance. By designating separate spaces for quiet work and noisier tasks, you can reduce the potential for members to get distracted by other members while they’re trying to work.

Create networking opportunities. 

Co-working spaces aren’t just for working. They’re also hotbeds of professional networking. However, members who are trying to get their work done may not appreciate being interrupted frequently by other members who want to network. You can manage this problem by creating networking opportunities. Put a bulletin board on the wall for notices. You could also consider hosting meet-up nights.

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