How Your Business Can Save Money on Postage

How Your Business Can Save Money on Postage

Benjamin Franklin may have been right when he said that death and taxes were two of the only certain things in this world. But if he was alive today, he’d also include increases in postage. If your business sends out a great deal of mail, then an increase of even just a couple of cents can add up to a major expenditure over time.

Sort your mail by zip code.

It’s a lesser known secret of the U.S. Postal Service: Discounts are sometimes available to business owners. If you sort your own outgoing mail according to the zip code of its destination, then you can get a 12.5% discount. You’ll also have to drop it off at a central bulk mail center to get the discount.

Target your mailers carefully.

It’s often said that any publicity is good publicity. But for small and mid-size businesses, publicity comes at a cost. Every address on your mailer list costs you money, so try to only send mailers out to people who are most likely to respond to them. Sort through the demographics information for your target audience and target your mailers accordingly. Good addresses to target include former and repeat customers, as well as client referrals. If you get any mailers sent back to you because of an incorrect address, then you should promptly remove that address from your mailer list.

Get your own postage meter.

A postage meter can save your business time, which also saves you money. You can have your employees do more important things with their time than affixing postage stamps to each individual mailer. Plus, when you have your own postage meter in the office, you won’t have to constantly run out to the post office.


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