Is Direct Mail Dead?

Is Direct Mail Dead?

As technology evolves, certain things become obsolete—like VHS tapes and floppy disks. You might think that with the explosive growth of digital marketing, direct mail would have suffered a similar demise. However, you might be surprised to learn that not only is direct mail still alive and kicking, its response rate can actually outperform the response rate for email marketing.

Consumers are tired of cluttered email inboxes.

Perhaps one of the reasons why the response rate for direct mail tends to be more robust than that of sales emails is that consumers are getting increasingly jaded with cluttered email inboxes. If Jane Consumer receives 20 sales emails in a day, she’ll probably click on the trash can icon without opening a single one of them, even if some of them are relevant for her lifestyle and interests. Furthermore, as companies try to cut costs by switching to sales emails instead of mailers, consumers’ physical mailboxes are becoming less crowded. This means it’s easier to attract attention with a thoughtfully designed mailer compared to a sales email.

Direct mail provides a tangible connection.

Another reason why consumers are responding more favorably to direct mail versus digital marketing is its tangibility. Mailers are something that people can touch; they offer a physical connection to the brand, and this creates a memorable impression. In addition, many consumers believe that direct mail makes them feel more valued by the company.

Direct mail is trackable.

It’s often thought that digital marketing is superior because everything can be tracked. However, direct mail can be surprisingly trackable. All you need to do is include unique information on each direct mail campaign so you can measure the responses. For instance, you can direct consumers to a unique phone number, email address, or landing page URL.

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