Is It Really Possible to Go Paperless at Your Office?

Is It Really Possible to Go Paperless at Your Office?

There are many advantages to going paperless at work. Eliminating paper documents will save storage space in the office, improve physical security, and save time that would have been spent organizing and locating paper documents. Plus, paperless offices are environmentally friendly. Unfortunately, it isn’t always possible for every type of business to go paperless. Certain companies need paper documents, such as law firms and health clinics. However, even if you can’t completely go paperless, there are ways you can significantly reduce the amount of paper your office uses.

Using Cloud Storage

One way to limit the use of paper documents at work is to take advantage of cloud storage options. As the name suggests, it involves storing documents in the digital “cloud,” rather than on paper, USB drives, or hard drives. One benefit of using cloud storage is that these documents are accessible from anywhere to authorized users, enabling real-time collaboration. Plus, you can still print documents from the cloud if you need to.

Reducing Meeting Documentation

In some companies, it’s not uncommon to print out dozens of copies of a meeting’s agenda, presentation, and minutes. But this isn’t always necessary. Consider encouraging your employees to bring their digital devices to meetings. Email everyone a copy of the agenda and the presentation so they can follow along on their laptops or iPads. Afterward, send digital copies of the minutes to the attendees.

Digitizing Client Communications

Businesses must frequently send out appointment reminders, follow-up letters, and similar correspondence to their clients. Consider making the switch to email. Ask clients for their email addresses (reassure them that you will never sell or give away those addresses). Then, instruct your employees to use digital correspondence with clients whenever possible. You’ll likely find that your clients appreciate your business’ attempts to go paperless.

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