Is Leasing Right for You?

Is Leasing Right for You?

Leasing a printer, fax machine, scanner, or copier offers great benefits for your office. Rather than purchasing equipment upfront, you can enjoy the use of the newest technology without the need to maintain or replace it on your own. Arizona Business Equipment offers a wide variety of office equipment to lease in Tucson, providing your business with the tools you need for success.

The Newest Equipment

If your current office equipment is sorely out of date but you don’t have the current budget to purchase new items, leasing could be the perfect option for you. Leasing a printer, copier, or fax machine is a more cost-effective way to enjoy new technology, with flexible financing options and the option to upgrade to even newer models in the future. Through leasing, you can continue to enjoy the benefits of the latest technological advancements in office technology without the need to constantly purchase new equipment.

Maintenance Plans

Not only will regular maintenance keep your printer or copier functioning more efficiently to save you on operating costs, it will reduce the chances of a time-consuming breakdown as well. Because your leasing contract includes a customized maintenance plan, you won’t need to worry about scheduling maintenance, setting aside additional funds for this service, or purchasing your own tools and supplies to keep on hand for upkeep purposes.

Trial Runs

Leasing office equipment provides a unique way to test out printers, scanners, fax machines, and more in your office setting without the need to purchase these items. Even if you think you might want to buy office equipment in the future, you can perform a thorough and realistic trial run of this technology through a lease before you make your final decision.

Whether you are looking to lease a printer, copier, fax machine, or scanner in Tucson, Arizona Business Equipment has the selection you need to find the perfect match for your office. You can find out more about the benefits of leasing office equipment by calling (520) 355-4801 or by checking out our blog.