Is Your Office Set Up for Maximum Productivity?

Is Your Office Set Up for Maximum Productivity?

Whether you work in a large corporate office or a modest home office, your workspace should be designed to help you get through the workday. Otherwise, your office layout may lengthen your workday by causing you to make multiple trips to the supply shelf or spend more time than necessary searching for essential documents. To set your office up for maximum productivity, address the following factors.

Managing Clutter

If you and your employees have desks that are covered in stacks of paperwork and unorganized office supplies, then it’s time to invest in some office organization. Desk organizers, file boxes, and updated office furniture can help. However, it may also be necessary to go paperless in your office to reduce clutter from old memos, paper files, and notes.

Keeping Necessities in Close Reach

Do you need to walk across the entire office to get to the supply closet? Does accessing your personal printer require you to get up from your desk? Small breaks to gather the supplies and documents you need can add up quickly. So, it’s worth having smaller localized workstations stocked with supplies throughout larger offices. In your personal space, organize your desk so that a quick turn of your chair can put essentials within an arm’s reach. If you have space, a corner desk or U-shaped desk can help you keep more of the items you need in a closer proximity.

Optimizing Comfort

If employees are not comfortable at their desks, then they won’t want to stay seated to get work done. An ergonomic office is a productive office, so consider items that will help to keep things more comfortable. For example, adjustable desk chairs and computer stands can reduce back and neck strain. You might also offer communal workspaces for a change of scenery and posture—standing desks are a popular addition in modern offices that can give employees a break from sitting without pulling them away from their work.

Functional office equipment can also save time around the office. If you’re dealing with an outdated copier or a slow printer, call Arizona Business Equipment to discuss our equipment leasing options for offices of all sizes. Dial (520) 888-2679 in Tucson, (520) 224-1118 in Sierra Vista, or (480) 360-4402 in Mesa.