Key Considerations When Choosing Equipment for a CPA Office

Key Considerations When Choosing Equipment for a CPA Office

As a certified public accountant (CPA), you may have dreamt for years of starting your own firm. Entrepreneurs have the ability to set their own hours and reap the full rewards of their hard work. Yet, starting your own business also requires a considerable investment of time and resources. The following office equipment, for example, is essential for every CPA office.


You’ll need to be able to print out clients’ tax returns and other financial documents, which means it’s essential to invest in a high-end, reliable printer. A laser printer is ideal for commercial applications, as it provides more consistent, high-quality results compared to an inkjet printer. You’ll definitely want a machine with high-output potential, as your clients won’t want to be kept waiting any longer than necessary. 


Another essential piece of office equipment for a CPA firm is a commercial-quality copier. Again, look for equipment with a high-output capacity. CPAs generally do not need to invest in machines capable of printing in color; usually, black and white copying is all that’s required. Depending on your preferences, you may want to select a machine that offers Wi-Fi connectivity with your computer.


Not every type of office needs a scanner, but a CPA firm usually does. This is because many of your clients will maintain hard copies of their financial documentation, such as proof of expenditures for their businesses. You will need to be able to scan these documents into your computer so that you can easily keep track of their finances with your accounting software. The two main types of scanners are flatbed and sheet-fed scanners. Flatbed scanners are a popular choice for most offices, although CPAs might prefer a sheet-fed scanner, as they can scan large volumes of documents more quickly.

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