How Long Should a Copier Last?

How Long Should a Copier Last?

Nothing is as frustrating around the office as a copier that doesn’t work. Whether the copier in question has completely given up or only works sporadically, you’re never as aware of how many copies you really need to do your job than when you can’t make them quickly. Many businesses hang on to outdated copiers for longer than they should, but how long do copiers really last? Although there is a baseline lifespan most copiers have, the answer to the question is a little more complicated.

What is the typical lifespan of a copier?

Most copiers last between three to five years, under average circumstances. This figure is often surprising to business owners, who expect copiers to last for much longer. If your copier is giving you trouble, consider when you purchased the machine. If it has been three to five years, there is a good chance the copier really has reached the end of its usefulness. Delaying replacement will only cost you productivity at this point.

What factors impact the lifespan of a copier?

Many things can make your copier wear out before its projected lifespan. Overuse is to blame for most cases of early copier demise. Check the owner’s manual for your copier to see the maximum and optimal output of pages. Reaching—or exceeding—the maximum page output on a regular basis will make your copier burn out faster than anticipated. Failing to perform basic maintenance on your copier, such not keeping the toner filled or not having regular maintenance services performed, will also cut into the life of your machine.

What should I do if my copier stops working?

Start by having the machine serviced to determine if the problem only requires a minor repair or represents a larger issue. If your copier is on its last legs, there is little to be gained by delaying purchasing a new one. The sooner you get a new copier, the sooner you can get back to business as usual.


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