A Look at the Latest Printer Technology

Modern Printer Technology

A Look at the Latest Printer Technology

Modern technology has seemingly no bounds, and it is changing the way business is conducted on every level. If you want your business to keep its competitive edge, you’ll need to stay up to date on the latest and greatest in office equipment. Here is a look at the latest printer technology that might change the way you do business.

Current Landscape

A high-quality printer is great, but you can’t do much without ink cartridges. It’s important to factor in these cartridges when you think about the amount of money you will spend on your printer and how much more you will have to spend per year. It’s especially important to realize that these ink cartridges tend to be on the expensive side. While you might think a cheap printer offers you a deal, you’ll need to consider the cost of the ink. However, Epson has a plan for dealing with this conundrum.

Epson EcoTank

The Epson EcoTank is designed to help businesses and consumers save money by reversing the positions of printers and ink cartridges. Instead of buying a cheap printer and expensive ink, you can buy a higher end EcoTank that promises to offer an unprecedented amount of ink. The problem, however, is the lack of scientific process behind the claim.


While the promise of a never-ending reservoir of ink is appealing, it can be difficult to back up the claim without considering a few factors. What is the print quality like? How does the way you use the printer affect the amount of ink you save? Epson may deliver on this promise, but if it doesn’t, then its competitors will.

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