Mail Promotions to Boost Summer Sales

Mail Promotions to Boost Summer Sales

Summer is a slow season for many types of businesses. Families are going out of town on vacation. When they’re in town, the summer heat encourages them to stay at home in the air conditioning. Beat the summer slump by mailing out eye-catching sales promotions. Before you get started, make sure you’ve got a copier that’s up to the task. It also helps to have your own postage meter onsite.

Tie a sales offer to the temperature.

Consumers are accustomed to getting coupons for 15% off here and 20% off there. These offers are fine, but they’re not necessarily going to generate buzz. Instead, consider tying in a sales offer to the temperature on a given day. For example, if you own a coffee shop, your mailed promotion might inform customers that on the first day of the year to hit 100 degrees by noon, the first 100 customers will get a free iced coffee.

Offer a kid-friendly class or workshop.

Depending on the type of business you have, a fun workshop geared toward kids could be a great way to bring in more adult customers—and their wallets. If you have an organic foods supermarket, for instance, you could host a class for young kids on making fruit popsicles. If you’re a clothing retailer, you could buy a bunch of plain T-shirts and some fabric paint, and have the kids make their own summer tees. Whichever type of workshop you choose, make sure it’s relevant to your business and try to include a summer theme. Remember to include an RSVP request in your mailed promotion so you can figure out how many supplies to have on hand.

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