Maintaining a Healthy Office Environment

Maintaining a Healthy Office Environment

You and your employees spend eight hours a day or more in your office, making a healthy office environment a significant factor in your health, wellness, and comfort. Maintaining a healthy office environment can even improve productivity and increase your business’ image among employees and clients alike. From storing documents digitally to taking advantage of newer, cleaner, and more eco-friendly office equipment, there are several steps you can take to improve your office environment today.

Reduce Clutter

Clutter is not only unsightly, it can be a source of both stress and mess in an office environment. The presence of clutter can reduce employee efficiency by increasing mental stress and confusion, while also presenting a tripping or falling object hazard. Clutter also collects dust and can invite pests into your office space, which affects air quality, comfort, and health. There are many ways to reduce clutter in the workplace—one of the easiest solutions is to opt for digital or off-site document storage and retrieval, which keeps paper clutter out of your office. Other solutions include making waste and recycling bins more prevalent and easier to access, as well as providing a dedicated kitchen and eating space for employees to keep these activities and their associated mess contained.

Invest in Healthier Equipment

When you think of a healthy office environment, you may not imagine that your office equipment has an effect. However, printers and copiers can impact office air quality, while outdated or malfunctioning equipment can add noise pollution that affects comfort and productivity. Making sure your office equipment is maintained and leasing or purchasing printers and copiers that offer energy-saving modes will contribute to an overall healthier and more inviting office environment for your employees.

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