How Modern Offices Are Designed to Keep Employees Happy

How Modern Offices Are Designed to Keep Employees Happy

The modern office environment may not even be recognizable as a place of business to office workers of the past, who were accustomed to stuffy environments with bare walls and utilitarian designs. Today, however, it has become known that people tend to be more productive in environments that promote a good mood. For modern offices that means:

No More Cubicles

After several hours, a cubicle can start to feel like a prison, which is why open floorplans have become more prominent in modern offices. Workers from different departments might share spaces, and there may be couches, standing desks, and other non-conventional work environments where it’s easy to take breaks from the typical computer desk without stopping the workflow.

Better Break Rooms

You might hesitate to invest much in the break room but doing so can be a boon to productivity. When employees have a place to relax and retreat from tough assignments, they can come back more refreshed and ready to work. Along with the right décor and a television or some form of entertainment, provide some healthy snacks, coffee, and other treats that employees can enjoy at no charge.

Natural Elements

Bringing nature indoors can reduce the drab feelings of the office and create a healthier environment for employees. That’s why more offices are bringing in plants, herb gardens, or water features for a touch of nature inside.

Homelike Settings

Offices are ditching fluorescent lighting for warmer, more welcoming lighting fixtures and allowing more natural light in for a homier setting rather than a sterile one. Wall colors also tend to be more creative and fun instead of stark white. Some offices even allow employees to bring in their pets on certain days, which can keep workers much happier.


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