Could Your Office Benefit from a Postage Meter?

Could Your Office Benefit from a Postage Meter?

Purchasing a postage meter—which will stamp your letters and packages according to the United States Post Office regulations—will be a great boon to your office, especially if you send out letters on a daily basis. Postage meters can help you focus on work and not waste your time at the post office.

You do not have time to purchase stamps regularly.

Whether your office has few employees or many, it is very possible that you may not have time to visit the post office very often. Even ordering stamps online can become tiresome and you will have to wait a certain period of days for the stamps to arrive. Postage meters can stamp anywhere from 17 to 120 letters per minute, depending on which one your office purchases. This convenience will free up you or your employees from purchasing stamps.

You send out letters frequently.

The most important indication that you need a postage meter is your volume of letter mailing. No matter the size of your office, if you send out multiple letters or packages a day, then your postage meter will be one of the best additions to your business. A postage meter will save you the stress of purchasing stamps and having to stand in line to have packages weighed and labeled. All postage meters come with a scale to help label various-sized packages and large letters, making your letter-sending experience more streamlined and less stressful.

You need updated postage rates.

The fluctuation of postage rates can be one of the drawbacks many people find by purchasing stamps separate from a postage meter. Your postage meter will be connected to the internet, which will ensure its connection to the United States Post Office’s postage database. You will never have to worry if your postage carries the correct rate, because your postage meter will always print it for you.

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