Does Your Office Need a Postage Meter?

Does Your Office Need a Postage Meter?

Your office is probably already equipped with essentials like a copier, scanner, and fax machine, but could you benefit from a more specialized office appliance like a postage meter? Postage meters are machines that stamp letters and packages with pre-paid postage that’s withdrawn from a dedicated account. If any of the following situations sound familiar in your daily work life, your office may benefit from renting a postage meter in Tucson or Phoenix.

You are making frequent post office runs.

If you find that you are always running out of stamps, a postage meter could be the solution. Even small businesses can find postage meters that fit their needs, such as the PostBase Mini, which is designed for offices that send out frequent letters but do not need the high-powered capacity of processing 1,000 or more letters per minute.

You send a high volume of mail.

Law offices, medical practices, accounting firms, and other service-based offices will frequently send mail communications with clients. Retail stores and product-driven businesses may also need to send out mail frequently to let clients know about upcoming specials and events. In either of these situations, taking the time to stamp each individual letter can be a waste of resources.

You are never sure how much postage a package needs.

Often, when people aren’t sure how much postage a package or letter needs, they will add an extra stamp just to be sure that the package gets where it needs to go. If this occurs daily in your office, however, you could be spending much more than you need to on outgoing mail. A postage meter will put the precise amount of postage needed on every parcel, so that you never overpay.


If you want to see just how much the right postage meter can help in your daily tasks, call Arizona Business Equipment at (520) 888-2679. We have affordable leasing programs for all types of postage meters and other office essentials in Southern Arizona, and we can even provide maintenance services to keep your devices up and running.