Postage Meters in Arizona

Postage Meters in Arizona

We offer simple and flexible postage meters for any small to mid size business. With various processing speeds and numerous accessories our postage meters will meet your current needs and adapt with you as your business grows.

PostBase Mini

PostBase Mini

The PostBase Mini is the prime Postage Meter for small businesses with light mail volume. With the ability to process up to 17 letters per minute, the Mini features a color touch screen that makes setup and operations a breeze. It is notably the first and only small business meter to include IMI (Intelligent Mail Indicia), the U.S. Postal Service’s most secure postage data and imprinting system. Maintaining a remarkably quiet operation, PostBase Mini is able to print postage for packages up to 70 lbs.


Letter Thickness6 mm (0.23′′)
Processing Speed (letters per minute)17
Integrated Scale Capacity5 lbs
Dimensions12.2′′ x 8.1′′ x 9.1"
Weight6.6 lbs
Resolution300 dpi

PostBase 20

PostBase 20

PostBase 20 is most effective for small businesses that are looking for an affordable option for their mailing needs. With an award-winning design, this is sure to provide a pleasing aesthetic to your office. A great advantage to using PostBase 20 is its ability to download postage through an internet connection. From the convenience of a moistener automatically preparing envelopes for sealing, to the integrated 5lb scale the PostBase 20 makes package posting a smooth, effortless process.
Letter Thicknessup to 3/8"
Processing Speed (letters per minute)20
Integrated Scale Capacity5 lbs
Dimensions28" (L) x 13.6" (W) x 11.8" (H)

PostBase 30, 45, 65, & 85

PostBase 30

Are you a small business that happens to process letters everyday, along with the occasional package every now and then? If so, the PostBase 30 may be just what you are looking for. The PostBase 30 can process mail at up to 30 letters per minute. You simply feed envelopes one at a time, the machine then takes your letters, prints the postage, and outputs the envelopes. A 5-lb integrated scale and five cost accounts are included as well. The PostBase 30 uses RemoteOne (PC control software), and comes with 3 presets (shortcuts) along with 12 custom indicia advertisements.
Letter Thickness10mm
Processing Speed (letters per minute)30
Integrated Scale Capacity5lbs (optional 10lbs or 15lbs)

PostBase 45

The PostBase 45 is double the speed of the PostBase 30. Equipped with the fully automatic feeder/sealer, the PostBase 45 can handle any need for larger mail volumes. When you find yourself faced with large piles of mail to process, you will definitely take pride in the auto-feeder:  just stack the envelopes and let the machine do all the work. The PostBase 45 comes with 10 custom text messages and 10 presets (shortcuts), along with 20 standard accounts.
Letter Thickness10mm
Processing Speed (letters per minute)45
Integrated Scale Capacity10lbs (optional 15lbs)

PostBase 65

The PostBase 65 is 44% faster than the PostBase 45, providing more capacity in several different ways, including the 15lb scale weight and 50 standard accounts. The 65 comes with a fully automatic feeder/sealer, 12 custom text messages, and 20 presets (shortcuts) in order to make sending your large mail volumes seamless and consistent. Paired with MailOne 2.0 software, the PostBase 65 makes for a one-of-a-kind, highly dynamic mailing and shipping device.
Letter Thickness10mm
Processing Speed (letters per minute)65
Integrated Scale Capacity15lbs
Dimensions48” (L) x 15.4” (W) x 11.8” (H)

PostBase 85

The PostBase 85 is 31% faster than the PostBase 65 and comes fully equipped with an auto-feeder/sealer, differential weighing and 100 departmental accounts. It can also process large mass mailings, applying postage and sealing up to 2,500 letters in half an hour with minimal operator involvement. The PostBase 85 is ideal for mid-size businesses that process frequent mixed mail along with individual high volume mailings and need to assign postage costs to specific clients/departments. It comes standard with RemoteOne PC control software and ReportOne account management software.
Letter Thickness10mm
Processing Speed (letters per minute)85
Integrated Scale Capacity15lbs
Dimensions48” (L) x 15.4” (W) x 11.8” (H)

CentorMail MAX

CentorMail MAX Mailing System

CentorMail MAX can quickly process up to 120-140 letters per minute without breaking a sweat. With the widest pass-through in the industry, it can handle padded envelopes and thick publications. CentorMail is the only machine for businesses that feeds mail vertically — just like the U.S. Postal Service. This allows for the most reliable, jam-free operation, which eliminates any stress and frustration from the process. With its mixed-mail process, you can load mail without having to presort and simply let CentorMail handle the rest. The dynamic scale automatically calculates accurate postage while mail is processing. CentorMail MAX provides you with high-volume ink tanks which allow you to go longer durations between refills and lower ink costs.
Processing Speed (letters per minute)120-140
Dimensions45.9" (W) x 21.3" (D) x 13.4" (H)
Weight44.8 lbs

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