Proper Care and Maintenance of the SmartOffice PS406U

Proper Care and Maintenance of the SmartOffice PS406U

Scanners are common features of the modern office, because they allow you to bring paper documents into the digital world, which is where most information is stored nowadays. If you’re looking to lease a scanner for your office, the SmartOffice PS406U may be a great option if you want the versatility to scan multiple documents at once and scan business cards, IDs, and other variably sized documents. This is a user-friendly unit that can be easy for your employees to use and maintain, as long as they follow these tips:

Pay Attention to Warning Lights

There are two LED indicator lights on the scanner, which will illuminate or flash in different colors to indicate different operational functions and issues. With the warning light off and the power light on and white, the scanner is ready to use. An orange power light will indicate that the scanner is asleep or in standby mode, and a solid red warning light with blinking white power light means that the ADF cover is opened. A blinking red warning light and solid white power light indicates a paper jam. Finally, a blinking red warning light with the power light off means that there is a malfunction of an internal copier component.

Check Document Condition

The PS406U can handle multiple documents at once, but you should still remove all staples and paperclips, loosen the documents, and ensure that there are no folds or tears that could clog up the feeder and jam the scanner.

Clean the Scanner Regularly

A dry, lint-free cloth will be suitable for cleaning most components of the scanner, which should be regularly wiped down to eliminate dust and other particles that can cause malfunctions. To clean the scanner glass, you can use a small amount of isopropyl alcohol or glass cleaner, but you should apply the cleaning solution to a cloth rather than directly on the glass to reduce excess moisture.

One of the biggest advantages of leasing scanners instead of purchasing them for your office is that a maintenance plan is built right into your lease agreement, so you can count on a reliable performance from your equipment. To learn more about scanner leasing in Tucson, call Arizona Business Equipment at (520) 888-2679.