Questions to Ask When Looking for a Copier to Lease

Questions to Ask When Looking for a Copier to Lease

A copy machine is an essential tool for a functional office, but it is important to find the right machine. If you have decided to lease instead of buy, be sure to ask the following questions to get a machine that meets all of your office needs.

What Are Your Leasing Policies?

Before you agree to lease a machine, you should find out about the company’s leasing policy. Find out how long a lease term lasts and whether or not it includes maintenance in the service. This will help you ensure that the company’s leasing policies fit with your needs so you can properly equip your office.

What Kind of Copying Options Does a Machine Offer?

Your office will have certain copy needs. Before you start looking into machines, you should determine these needs so you can find a copier that really works for you. Whether you need to make color copies or primarily black and white duplicates, you want to choose an option that makes it more convenient to do office work. Ask how many copies a machine can make, whether or not it makes color copies, and if the machine can connect to your network.

Can I Upgrade If I Need a New Machine?

The copy needs of your company might change over time, which is why it is helpful to lease from an equipment company that gives you the option of upgrading your machine. This way, you can always have the technology that you need to make sure your office runs as efficiently as possible.

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