Sending Mail Dos and Don’ts to Follow

Sending Mail Dos and Don’ts to Follow

Sending mail to your clients (or to potential clients) is a great way to keep your business’s name in the top of clients’ minds and boost retention. However, you do need to follow some essential dos and don’ts for your snail mail campaign so that you don’t irritate your clients or become associated with unwanted junk mail.

Do Align Mail Campaigns with Specific Goals

Every mail campaign will include the cost of resources, such as paper, postage, and custom printing, so you won’t want to send out snail mail without clear goals in mind. You might send mail to follow up with clients after their most recent visit, alert locals to a new business location, or promote an upcoming sale or event at your business.

Don’t Wait Too Long to Send Follow-Up Letters

If your goal is to keep in communication with clients after they visit your business, you won’t want to wait too long to send follow-up letters—especially if clients are waiting on news like the results of medical tests or approval for a loan application. When you wait too long, clients may feel like their business is not valued or they might have forgotten about visiting your business in the first place.

Do Send Out Coupons and Other Incentives

People get lots of mail, so you want to make sure that your mailers stand out with incentives for recipients. Coupons or discount codes are a great way to catch attention and get more feet in the door, so be sure to include them where possible.

If your business is looking to ramp up your mail marketing or you already send out frequent mail communication to your clients, a postage meter can save you money on postage and make it much easier to send out a higher volume of letters to your clients. To find the right postage equipment for your office, check out Arizona Business Equipment. You can browse our inventory online or call us at (520) 888-2679 to learn more about our lease agreements.