Should You Lease a Black and White Printer or Color Printer?

Should You Lease a Black and White Printer or Color Printer?

Printer leasing in Tucson is convenient because you can use top of the line products without overpaying for them. You can also choose from black and white and color printers, each of which comes with its own advantages. Keep reading if you are wondering whether to lease a black and white or color printer.

Printer and Printing Cost

When choosing a new printer for the office, price is probably one of the first factors that will come to mind. It is important to remember, however, that the printer itself is not your only expense; you will also need to buy supplies like paper and toner. Black and white tends to be cheaper in terms of upfront cost as well as the cost of actually using your printer. This is an important consideration if you plan on using your printer frequently.

Product Quality

The quality of your product depends on a range of factors, like the specific model you buy and the ink you use. However, the presence of color is what separates black and white and color printers, and this inherently affects the quality of the product you end up with. Many businesses choose to print in color because a color document or picture typically does a better job of captivating the audience’s attention. This means that a color printer may be a better choice if you want many people to view your printed document.

Printing Speed

While it is crucial in some, color printing is not necessary in every industry. If you are printing memos for the office, you might want to capitalize on the low cost and high printing speeds that monochrome printers offer.

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