Signs It’s Time to Buy a New Printer

Signs It’s Time to Buy a New Printer

You can extend the lifespan of your office printer by scheduling maintenance services as needed. However, even regular upkeep won’t allow a printer to last forever. Plus, as new models are rolled out, your current printer’s capacity will eventually become obsolete. At some point, you’ll need to start shopping around for a new printer for your office. Here’s a look at a few indicators that it’s time to begin your search.

Your current printer is getting old.

Different printers have varying expected lifespans, depending on the type, amount of usage, and upkeep. In general, however, the average inkjet printer will last about three years. The average laser printer, which is what most offices use, will last about five years. Even if your old printer is still working well, it may be time to start exploring your options if it’s five years or older. There is a good chance it will need to be replaced soon.

Your current printer works at a snail’s pace.

The older a printer gets, the more worn out its components will become. This means that its print speed (expressed as “pages per minute”) will also start to slow down. If your employees often stand idly around the printer, waiting for it to finish its work, this could indicate that it’s time to invest in a new, faster printer.

Your current printer breaks down frequently.

The older and more worn out a printer becomes, the more frequently it will break down and require repairs. In addition, you may start to hear unusual clicking or grinding noises, and your employees may complain about frequent paper jams. Instead of continuing to pay more for frequent printer repairs, it may be more cost-effective to simply buy a new printer.

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