Signs That Your Copier Needs Repair Services

Signs That Your Copier Needs Repair Services

Whether you’re printing memos for a staff meeting or finishing up a project for a major client, a functional copier is paramount to the efficiency of your workplace. Copiers and printers are notoriously finicky, so it’s a good idea to learn the signs of a malfunction. At Arizona Business Equipment, we believe that early diagnosis and routine professional maintenance are the best ways to avoid more serious damages down the road. 

Unexpected Noises 

Any copier or printer will make a certain amount of noise as it runs, but unfamiliar sounds are cause for concern. If you notice a grating or grinding noise coming from your copier, it could be an indication of jammed gears or other mechanical problems.

Rapid Use of Toner

If your copier seems to be running out of toner more quickly than usual, a defective cartridge may be to blame. It’s possible that the toner could be leaking out of the cartridge, which will not only lead to increased toner costs but also potential internal damage. 

Paper Jams

Constant paper jams are usually a sign of worn or broken gears. This problem could also be due to malfunctioning rollers or simply using the incorrect type of paper for your copier. If you’re unsure of the cause, it’s best to enlist a copier repair professional who can properly diagnose the problem. 

Warning Lights 

Just like a check engine light in your car, illuminated warning symbols on a copier are easy to ignore but often indicative of serious problems. While some of the messages are simple, many copier error codes can be indecipherable to inexperienced eyes. Skip the guesswork and call a professional to avoid time wasted troubleshooting the issue on your own. 

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