When Is Snail Mail Preferable to Email?

When Is Snail Mail Preferable to Email?

Though digital communication now dominates in virtually every industry, there is still room for more conventional mail marketing for businesses. In fact, there are some situations where snail mail can have a much stronger impact on your customers, so it may be worth investing in a postage meter for your business if you often face any of the following circumstances:

You want to market locally.

If you are a business that operates within a specific community, it makes sense to focus your marketing efforts on those who are physically close to your location. Mailing coupons and newsletters can be easier and more effective than email marketing, which doesn’t have any sort of geographical limitations. It can be particularly beneficial to market locally if you are just opening for business, as a mail marketing campaign will get the word out to your neighbors.

You are hosting a formal event.

Whether you are hosting a holiday gala for your own employees or you are sending out event invitations for a client, physical invitations can make a better impression and offer a more formal appearance to match the tone of the event. Plus, paper invitations will be reliably delivered with the exact format you want, while image files may be distorted when viewed on various screens.

You are communicating directly to high-level decision makers.

If you are a B2B business, you may need to reach high-level decision makers as you seek new leads. You can more effectively reach these individuals through snail mail, which will likely end up on the proper desk, unlike an email that may never see a primary inbox or be opened by your target audience.

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