Spotlight on the CentorMail MAX

Spotlight on the CentorMail MAX

If shipping and mailing are important procedures for your business operations, you may want to invest in a postage meter. With an efficient postage meter, you will be able to quickly print out postage rates for all your packages, envelopes, and more. The CentorMail MAX is a state of the art postage meter that will help you streamline your mailing procedures. Here is a look at some of the terrific features that the CentorMail MAX has to offer you.

Rapid Processing

For those businesses that process high volumes of mail, the CentorMail MAX is a valuable piece of equipment. When you are using the CentorMail MAX to print postage for letters and packages, you will be able to process up to 140 letters in a single minute. This high level of efficiency is perfect for bulk mailing projects and the busiest shipping seasons of the year.

Vertical Operation

Unlike other office postage printing systems that require you to feed your mail horizontally, the CentorMail MAX system allows for vertical operation. Like the machines that are used in the post office, the CentorMail MAX’s vertical performance prevents jams and other issues from stopping your postage printing procedure.

Mixed-Mail Capabilities

During the average day, your business may need to mail both letters and packages. When you invest in the CentorMail MAX system, you are sure to appreciate its mixed-mail capabilities. The CentorMail MAX can calculate accurate postage rates for both letters and packages, without the need for pre-sorting.

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