Spotlight on the Importance of Printer Maintenance

Spotlight on the Importance of Printer Maintenance

What is worse than needing to urgently print an important document, only to find out that your printer is not working? Unfortunately, if you don’t pay attention to printer maintenance, this stress-inducing situation is likely to happen to you one day. One of the reasons we offer preventative maintenance agreements at Arizona Business Equipment is so your printers get the maintenance they need without adding another task to your plate. If you’ve been skimping on your printer maintenance schedule, this look at the benefits of regular maintenance may convince you to change your habits. 

Cut Toner Emissions

If you’ve ever noticed streaks and stains on your printed documents, then you’ve experienced toner emissions. The streaks can appear without warning, and in some cases, they can make your printed materials completely unusable. Toner emissions can also pollute the air in your workspace. High levels of toner emissions that impact the quality of your printing occur when printers don’t receive regular maintenance, so you can avoid them entirely with periodic printer service. 

Get More from Your Ink Cartridges

Ink cartridges are a significant expense for most businesses, so you certainly don’t want them to run out before they should. Printers that are not regularly cleaned and serviced don’t use ink cartridges efficiently. Toner emissions can impact ink cartridges, and nozzle clogs can cause ink waste. Regular printer maintenance will reduce the risk of clogs, cut toner emissions, and pinpoint problems with your printer that could be impacting how ink is used. 

Extend the Life of Your Printer

Much like a car, printers need regular service to stay in top condition. When you get printer maintenance services performed, the technician will clean all the components of the printer and notice if any parts have excessive wear and tear. Catching these issues early can prevent bigger problems from occurring with the printer and reduce the chances of experiencing a printer malfunction. 

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