Successful Scanning Implementation for Your Law Office

Successful Scanning Implementation for Your Law Office

154243687When you work in a law office, you deal with a lot of sensitive and important documents that must be stored in a safe and organized manner. If you want to start scanning paperwork so you do not have as many hard copies around your law office, use the following tips to do it successfully:

Figure Out the Parameters for Scanning

You should start the scanning process by figuring out what documents you want to scan. You might want to start by scanning important documents that you still need and gradually adding older paperwork that might not be as relevant. Create a plan before you change your paperwork into electronic formats so you know exactly what you need to do to get all of your scanning done in a timely manner.

Determine Your Storage Naming Methods

You should also come up with a uniform method of storing your documents so everyone in the office can easily retrieve the papers they need when they need them. Come up with a way to name all of your files to make it much easier to search for them when you need them. Once you figure out how you want to name the files, create some instructions that clearly list how to save and how to find the scanned documents.

Create a Filing System So You Can Save the Hardcopies

You will have to keep a lot of the hard copies for documents that you scan. Once you upload a document onto the computer, you should create a simple filing system that makes it easy to grab the hard copy when you need it. It might behoove you to use a similar filing system that you use for your scanned documents.

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