Take a Look at These Common Printer Repairs

Take a Look at These Common Printer Repairs

Your office needs working printers in order to stay fully functional, but printers tend to be susceptible to a few different problems. Some of these are more severe than others, but knowing why they occur and how to fix them can save you time and frustration. Read ahead and take a look at these common printer repairs.

Slow Printing

Whenever you end up dealing with a printer problem, you’ll want to talk to your professional repair service. You should still be familiar with the problems you might encounter, however, such as slow printing. If your printer doesn’t print as quickly as it should, check your print quality. Reducing your print quality can help you get your prints faster. When speed is more important than the quality of the print, switch to draft printing mode.

Bad Prints

Sometimes prints come out quickly enough, but they don’t look the way they should. They might be spotty, have lines across the page, or come out too light. This might indicate a problem with your printer head. In the event that your printer head clogs, it’s a good idea to call your repair professional to address the issue.

False Empty Notices

Although your printer is telling you that you’re out of ink, this might not actually be the case. When your printer thinks it’s out of ink but you know it’s not, you can try resetting your ink cartridge. If you’re unsure if you are indeed out of ink or not, you can call your printer repair professional to find out for sure.

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